It’s a universally known fact that all omegas want is a pack and a safe place for their babies.


That’s not what all omegas want. I don’t want either. When I screw up my chances of being matched with a pack, I’m sent to the Omega Auctions. There I’m sold to a royal pack to be their maid.

My name is Reagan and I’m a bad omega who refuses to fall in love. Let’s just hope my heart gets the memo because that’s knot the life for me.



It’s a universally known fact that omegas don’t party.

Well, most omegas don’t.

I went out to party and w=everything was fine… Until it wasn’t. The authorities showed up and I got arrested just as my high hit. To make matters worse, I got banned from finding my match and was sent to the Omega Auctions.

A horrible pack takes me in, but their enemies have other plans for me. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Will I be able to escape the pack that ruined my life or will I fall hard?