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Stumble upon a turf war and accidentally kill a wolf one time and the whole world wants you dead.

Well maybe not the whole world.

The Blood Mafia should be happy I've taken out one of their enemies. Instead they want to use me for their own gain.

Now that they’ve captured me, I’m determined to escape and stab a few vampires on my way out. The only problem is my freedom comes at a price.

My heart.

Mateo, Colt, and Grayson speak to my soul in ways I never expected. I want to hate them, but I’m not sure I can escape them without leaving a piece of myself behind.

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I’m really f**king tired of dying. 

I’ve also had it with all the damn power plays and being used by the royals of Hell. There’s only so much this immortal succubus is willing to put up with. I’m going to make them all pay for what they’ve done to me and my kin.

Kill Lucifer himself? No problem.

Overthrow the patriarchy? Damn straight, and my men are more than happy to help.

Together, we can do anything.

But my trust is at an all-time low, and I have to figure out which lovers I can trust and which ones I can't.

This is a medium/fast burn RH romance with light BDSM. This series contains sex, cursing, lots of steam, and snark.



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There are two things I'm good at: catching criminals and running from my problems. 

When my estranged brother shows up on my doorstep with trouble hot on his heels, I do the only thing that makes sense: run. 

Because I'll be damned if he drags me down and I refuse to be held prisoner again for magical crimes I didn't commit. Lucky for me, I find an abandoned cottage in the middle of the forest. Perfect hide out, right? 

Yeah, not so much. Unlucky for me, the house belongs to seven men. Seven sexy as sin men who agree to let me stay. Now, not only am I avoiding my haunted past, I'm trying really hard not to fall for five of the men. 

Especially when they make me an offer I can't refuse: why choose? Can I resist those fighting for my attention and avoid confronting my past? 



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With an arranged marriage forced upon me, I do the only thing a rational twenty-year-old would do. Resist. Funny thing is, the queen doesn’t enjoy being disobeyed. With no other choice I flee my kingdom, hoping to stay hidden and far away from relationships with the opposite sex. 

Enter Flynn Right, gorgeous and obnoxiously charming bounty hunter. He doesn’t know who I am and I’m trying not to fall for him but every wink he sends my way weakens my defenses. 

Two things I know for certain: 
1. Flynn Right is my kryptonite.
2. My mother, the queen, won’t let me go without a fight. 

Disclaimer: This book contains adult themes and language.