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May 18, 2021

Bad Moon Academy, home to changed wolves and something a little more sinister. Can Raven escape the academy alive or will it consume her soul?



Stumble upon a turf war and accidentally kill a wolf one time and the whole world wants you dead.

Well maybe not the whole world.

The Blood Mafia should be happy I've taken out one of their enemies. Instead they want to use me for their own gain.

Now that they’ve captured me, I’m determined to escape and stab a few vampires on my way out. The only problem is my freedom comes at a price.

My heart.

Mateo, Colt, and Grayson speak to my soul in ways I never expected. I want to hate them, but I’m not sure I can escape them without leaving a piece of myself behind.


I am dead. This was a roller-coaster from start to finish, complete with death defying, heart stopping drops, along with adrenaline inducing highs and climbs. I am even more in love with this world than I was before, and that is saying something. I love the devious, wonderful mind of Miss Rory Miles.