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Cutting Edge Romance

AH. Yes. The about section. I’d like to say something clever or inspiring, but the fact of the matter is I have voices inside my head and they won’t shut up. 

I know, it sounds mad but it’s true. They’re so loud, in fact, that I have to finish their stories lest they hold me hostage in their world.

Funny thing is, they don’t realize I hold the strings and they’re merely puppets. They can be as loud as they like, but I’ll be sure to make them suffer, if only a little, before they find their happily-ever-after.   

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I’m currently working on a co-write and Knot My MC. The co-write trilogy will be complete by January and Knot my MC is slated to release in March 2023! 

2023 Projects:

Knot my MC

Baited (Blood Mafia Princess)

What am I working on?