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Rory’s Books: My Work


Trope list: enemies to lovers, forced proximity, omegaverse, reverse harem.

Burn level - medium.


It’s a universally known fact that all omegas want is a pack and a safe place for their babies.


That’s not what all omegas want. I don’t want either. When I screw up my chances of being matched with a pack, I’m sent to the Omega Auctions. There I’m sold to a royal pack to be their maid.

I’m hardly qualified to clean and I’m not sure being stuck with an unmated pack is the best idea because my first heat is coming and these guys are H.O.T. HOT.

My name is Reagan and I’m a bad omega who refuses to fall in love. Let’s just hope my heart gets the memo because that’s knot the life for me.

Party Girl 2.jpg


Trope list: enemies to lovers, forced proximity, omegaverse, past trauma, reverse harem.

Burn level: Medium.


The only thing worse than getting arrested is getting sold to the highest bidder. 

The Omega Council is ready to match me with a pack, but I don’t get a say in the matter. In a final act of rebellion, I head out to a party and end up getting arrested.

To make matters worse, I get banned from finding my match and sent to the Omega Auctions instead.

The officers who arrested me rescue me from a horrible pack, only I’m not so sure they’re any better.

Can I make a home where my enemies lie?

This is a standalone reverse harem romance with swoon-worthy heroes and a heroine who has a knack for breaking rules.

Knot My MC.jpg


Trope list: friends to enemies to lovers, forced proximity, omeagverse, reverse harem.

Burn level: Medium.


Omegas aren't allowed to fight back... at least, that's what everyone wants us to believe.

Me? I'm a fighter. As daughter of the VP of Wrecker MC, I have to be. Pushing back hasn't caused problems for me until I end up resisting the Prez after my dad dies.

Turns out kicking the Prez in his precious family jewels is a no-no. With no family left to take me in, I'm sent to the omega auctions to be sold to the highest bidder.

There a rival crew claims me. The three sexy as sin leaders are nothing like the men of Wrecker MC. They’re worse. They used to be my best friends, but now, we’re enemies. 

They're not my MC, but will I find love with this crew or will they break my heart all over again?

This is a standalone reverse harem romance with swoon-worthy heroes



Tropes list: billionaire bosses, past trauma, omegaverse, reverse harem.

Burn level: slow.


Everything I am is a lie.

To the world, I’m Carmine the beta barista, not Nova the omega who’s being hunted by her old pack.

I live my life by one rule: Blend in and be forgotten.

Then I meet my three rich bosses. For some reason they take an interest in me and it’s impossible to avoid them since we work together.

To make matters worse, they’re searching for the perfect omega to protect and cherish.

They’re everything I could ever wish for. Just as I’m finally letting my guard down, my old pack comes sniffing around and threatens to destroy everything I’ve built with these men.

When they find out I’m not who they think I am, will they still protect me or will they give me back to the pack who destroyed me?



Trope list: villain romance, omegaverse, enemies to lovers, forced proximity, reverse harem.

Burn level: Medium.


Who doesn’t love a bad guy?

My family is certain I’ll settle with a boring, law-abiding pack before I graduate from Omega University, but I have other plans. Dangerous ones that break laws, but what’s life without a little risk? With a little practice, my sticky fingers turn to skilled pickpocketing and I discover who I’m truly meant to be: a thief.

When a bank robbery that was meant to help me find financial freedom goes haywire, I’m taken hostage by a rough group of men. They have no idea who they’ve taken, but they’re about to find out. No one kidnaps Jo Walsh and gets away with it.

I hate them for taking my money, but respect them for their cunning plans. While I plot their demise, part of me wonders if this isn’t the pack I’ve been destined for all along.

They’re not good, but then again, neither am I.

Can I find a home in a nest of thieves?



Tropes: rejected mates, reverse harem, murder mystery.

Burn level: Medium.


High Pack Notice: All rejects must report to Wolfe Island for immediate processing and island assignment. 

Since I’m single for life, I’m more than safe from that directive. Or so I thought. 

At twenty-seven, I’d given up hope of finding a true mate, which is why I followed my parents on their crazy journey across the country to settle in with a new pack. I didn’t expect to find my mate the second my foot hit the green grass of Pack Ozark’s territory. I also didn’t expect him to reject me when he finds out I’m not pure and untouched.

As he hurls insults at me, all I can think is: screw his rejection. My name is Bellatrix and I’m despicable.



Trope list: arranged marriage, fated mates, obsessed heroes, found family, reverse harem.

Burn level: Medium.

The best way to ruin a rogue slayer's day? Force an arranged marriage on her. 
Despite being the best of the best, my parents–who run our region's slayer council–decide it's time for me to get married. Apparently, being the wife of a high-born slayer will finally make me respectable. Or so they say. I see the arrangement for what it really is: a power grab. 
They don't care about my happiness, and they certainly don't care about the strange demons I've encountered. No matter how much I try to tell them how dangerous the beings are, no one listens. 
They never do. 
Now I'm stuck with an infuriating man who's no happier about this arrangement than I am, though he insists we go through with it. Trying to get rid of him while eradicating these new nightmarish demons won't be easy. Throw in a sweet shifter who claims I'm his fated mate and a handsome fae stalker, and I might just lose it. 
I always wished for a new family, but this isn’t exactly what I had in mind. 
How am I supposed to juggle three men and save the world? I guess we'll find out…



Tropes list: grumpy sunshine, fated mates, found family.

Burn level: fast.


Grumpy meets sunshine in this cozy monster romance. 

One grumpy, reclusive monster.
One bubbly, happy-go-lucky woman.

One accidental bonding.

Daisy loves fairy tales and all she’s ever wanted was to find her prince.

When she touches an amulet, she falls into a land full of magic and into the lap of a giant creature, accidentally tying herself to him. Forever.

He’s green. He’s crotchety. He’s a monster.

She’s gorgeous. She’s happy. She’s human.

And now they’re mates.

Can Daisy and Orcus find a way to break the bond, or does fate have other plans?

BloodMafia_Edit (2).jpg


Tropes list: enemies to lovers, obsessed vampires, forced proximity, human with hidden powers, crazy FMC.

Burn level: Medium.


Down and out on my luck after a brutal break up, I drunkenly stumble across a supernatural turf war and accidentally kill an important shifter.

Instead of giving me a reward for taking out the enemy, the vampire mafia begins to hunt me so they can give me to the shifters as a peace offering.

But when the grumpy, hot vampire bosses discover something special about my blood, they decide to keep me.

Me? Special? I’m just a weak human. They say I’m unique, they say they’re intrigued.

I say I’m going to find a way out a way to escape these brutally hot vampires.

Unless they catch me first…



Tropes list: academy, morally gray men, found family, fated mates.

Burn level: slow.


Some wolves are born, others are made.

That’s me. I was bitten, forced into this life against my will. Worse still, my wolf is an alpha female, meant to rule. But existing pack prejudices mean that every battle is fought uphill. 

Then there’s the fact that alpha females take on five mates. FIVE!

I’ve never even had a serious boyfriend, and now everyone expects me to manage five? I have to find myself and my fated mates, all while navigating a dark academy with haunted halls and vicious spirits. Add in being separated from the only family I have left to all of that and life basically can’t get any worse.

…Except when my inner wolf disappears and I have to face the evil spirits to get her back.

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