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Reading Orders

Some of my books are set within the same universe and while you don’t have to read in order, there is a suggested reading order to make the most out of your reading experience. 

The worlds noted below are the ones with suggested reading orders. All other books are set in independent universes. 

Omega Love World Suggested Reading Order:

  1. Knot for Me

  2. Party Girl

  3. Knot my MC

  4. Heat & Deceit

Blood Mafia World Suggested Reading Order:

  1. Blood Owed

  2. Blood Taken

  3. Blood Bound

  4. Dead Wolf Walking

  5. Dead Wolf Falling

  6. Dead Wolf Rising

  7. Anthia (free via FB group)

  8. Blood Mafia Sorts (free via website)

Tainted World Suggested Reading Order:

  1. The Waters (free via FB group)

  2. The Wanted (undergoing edits)

  3. Bad Magic (free via newsletter)

  4. Her Retribution (set hundreds of years after books 1-3 events)

  5. Her Reign

  6. Her Resistance

Reading Orders: About
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